Looking back at 2016

2016 proved to be a great year for us!

We started this year with the development of Heroki for the Apple TV and it was the first time Heroki would see a 'console' experience, something that was always intended to be. 
Heroki was first released on the iPhone in mid 2015 with the idea of getting a 'console' experience on your mobile phone, so porting it to the Apple TV was a perfect match.

Launched in Feb 2016 and it looks great! 

Thanks to a lot of support from Apple, Heroki ended up on the Apple TV AppStore's front page for quite some time which gave us a lot of help reaching our audience.

Heroki on Apple TV!

At this time we start realising how important it is to communicate with our audience and to build a community through social networks. We’ve always been focussed on developing games, just the four of us working together as a team. So we started reaching out by posting lots of videos and pictures/screenshots of Heroki trying to connect with our fans, and our potential new fans.

And it worked, we saw a lot of increase in the amount of followers on our social media platforms and got great feedback from the community. Many times we got (and still get) the request for a Android release of Heroki, but unfortunately we had to keep saying “possibly in the future”, because we decided that after working on Heroki for 5 years it was time for a new project to start working on, so the Heroki android version has to wait.

Yes, an entirely new exciting project!

Even before 2016 started (after the release of Heroki), we were already secretly working on this new project (which we will reveal pretty soon). We had to put it on hold to start working on the Apple TV version of Heroki, but jumped back in right after.

For Heroki we build our own engine, but for this new project we decided to also build our own editor, called “Picon Editor”. It’s a vital asset that was missing in the past, it made the game-creation process a lot more difficult, which added a lot more hours to developing Heroki. Building your own editor means we can build a custom toolset which will help us a lot in terms of workflow and designing games more easier with less effort. It makes the whole process so much more fun!

Introducing our Picon Editor!

The month of July came around and this meant Heroki would turn 1 year old, something to celebrate! So we wanted to do something special for the fans but also potential new fans. We wanted to add something valuable, something that makes people play Heroki again or make it more accessible. After some thought, it hit us.. By adding more languages we could reach more people. So we added the Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese and Dutch language!

Happy birthday Heroki!

As time went by, something great came on our path. An opportunity for us to join in on another awesome project from another studio which we can't talk about it, yet. We joined in because it was an offer we couldn’t refuse.. All we can say that watch out for 2017 because it's going to be a big one!

This year was also about receiving a lot of support from Apple.

We got featured on a huge panel in all the Apple Stores worldwide. Besides the panel, Heroki is also Pre-Installed on the Apple TV’s in all Apple stores. We got to be among the Apple list of “Best of 2016” for the Apple TV and as a great bonus were featured in the Apple Keynote!

2016 - What more could we ask for?

This year has been great for us at Picomy and we would like to give you special thanks for all the love and support that keeps us afloat!

Happy Holidays and have a Blasting 2017 from your friends at Picomy!

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