Heroki is now available on Apple TV!

As of today - Heroki has landed on the Apple TV!

The Apple TV version has been in development for a few months. We made sure this version of Heroki has been perfectly executed with tight controls for the Apple Remote, as well for MFi Controllers.

Heroki is a Universal build so current iOS owners will get the TV version for free! :)

Check out the fresh new Apple TV Trailer right here:

PS: Update 1.1 for iOS is live as well! Check out the complete Changelist:

• Cross platform iCloud with Apple TV
• Added 3 save slots for family friendly gaming
• Added full MFi support
• Added more checkpoints
• Improved the visibility of the secrets
• Improved the controls a lot!
• Smashed some serious bugs into obliteration
• Made great improvements to the camera
• Made the gameplay more accessible
• Made the game even smaller (less than 350MB)
• Better performance on older devices

5 opmerkingen:

  1. On the Apple TV, I can't skip the tutorial, and it runs every time I start the app. Very annoying.

    1. Hi Stedwick, thank you for reaching out! We're surprised by your problem and are going to take a look at it. Do you perhaps have more info on this subject?

      - Does the game crash at a certain point so that your progress isn't saved? Because normally when you complete the tutorial, it will save your progress so that you don't have to play it again.
      - Or perhaps it just doesn't save? No matter how much you play. Every time you come back to the main menu you'll see a 0% New save slot?
      - Do you have iCloud linked?

      It will help us a lot if there's a little more clarity.
      Thanks in advance,


  2. I'm having the same issue. My prgesss doesn't appear on the Apple TV.

  3. For the second time, Heroki on the ATV wants me to start over! My first play session none of my progress was saved when I opened back up the game the next day. I had not gotten too far so I started over. This time I have made quite a bit of progress over a week or so, and it has been saving as far as I can tell because I've been able to resume the game a few times. I haven't played in a few days and now it wants me to start from scratch. I'm very frustrated.

  4. I'm the person who commented right above. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the game to my iPad (I've been playing exclusively on the ATV). When I loaded up the game on my iPad my saved game from ATV play was there (42% progress). I opened up the game on the ATV and once again was greeted with the tutorial. I completed the tutorial, quit the game, closed it fully, opened it back up and it started the tutorial again. I'm getting the Game Center welcome back on the ATV so it does recognize me and correctly lists my achievements, it just does not recognize my saved game. I turned iCloud save on in the iPad version and when I opened the game on the ATV my saved game was restored. So, definitely a big bug on the ATV version.