Year Recap and more...

This has been one crazy year for us where lots of good things happened, but this one takes the cake:

Heroki has been selected as one of the best games of 2015 in the App Store! We feel extremely proud and honored by this awesome achievement! :)


We were also nominated 3 times for the Dutch Game Awards for:

Diner @ DGA 2015

Since Heroki's release, we've been very busy this year with the following:

Porting Heroki to Apple TV:
Since Heroki's release we've been incredible busy with the new update and making Heroki ready for Apple TV. Right from the start, we didn't want to rush this version but rather make the best possible port. 

One of the biggest challenges were converting the touch-controls to the Siri remote and MFi. With full confidence, we can say that we have succeeded. Apple TV is now by far our favourite version of the game and looks absolutely stunning! We can't wait to release it to the public early next year!

iOS Update 1.1:
This new update addresses most of the issues some people had and we added the following:

  • ...Added 3 save slots so it's now more family friendly
  • ...Added full MFi support and integrated this into the tutorial as well
  • ...Added more checkpoints within the levels
  • ...Improved the visibility of the secrets (no more grinding!)
  • ...Improved the controls a lot!
  • ...Smashed some serious bugs into obliteration
  • ...Made great improvements to the camera
  • ...Made the gameplay more accessible
  • ...Made the game even smaller (less than 350MB)
  • ...And lots more!
This new update will go live early next year with the launch of the Apple TV version.

Picon Editor:

The last couple of months we've been seriously improving our Picon Engine and building a full blown editor so that we can quickly tweak, build and prototype games. We'll save all the details for a new blogpost but we're going to need all this heavy ammunition for our...

New Game!
And finally, we've been working on this new AWESOME project for quite a while now. We can't talk about it much at this stage of development so we'll save that for next year! :)

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