Message to all the fans

Thank you so much for all your kind words!

Since Heroki came out past Thursday, we've finally had the chance to see peoples reactions and boy did those exceed our expectations!

In the past 5 years we've worked very hard trying to create a game unlike any other, trying to create something special. A game that hopefully brings a big smile to peoples faces.

Seeing how people enjoy Heroki and point out things that they love about it - that we put so much time and effort in, really gives us joy and relief to hear the game is being experienced the way we envisioned it.

We've had so many fantastic reactions so far. Thank you all for that :)

Here are a couple we picked out:

TouchArcade forum:
Originally Posted by russiaone
This is the most beautiful game on the app store. Bar none.
The way the sun peeks out from the trees. How those same trees shudder beneath the weight of Heroki. Everything is just sublime. And the controls are nigh-perfect, I think.
I would've paid much more for this. I feel the love that was poured into this effort.
Brilliant job, Picomy. I want a sequel like yesterday.
Also, this is like some even more beautiful Klonoa, with controls that are as tight.
The entire world should buy this. LMAO!
Also, who's the genius who thought of Cuckoo?
Originally Posted by jpgold This game is simply amazing and well worth the wait. This is what mobile gaming should strive to be. I know variety is nice and everyone has their own tastes....but, in an App Store filled with f2p and match 3's, everyone should take note.
This is a console game on your phone. The levels are impressive and the exploration is extensive. Three types of controls to fit your style. I have only really tried the "dpad" but curious to what others are enjoying.
Congrats on the release and stopping now to go play more.

Heroki Release Trailer - Youtube
Enkeixpress I have to give it to you guys. This game is one hell of an technical achievement. Upon booting up the game, straight from the get-go, I could immediately tell that a lot of time, love and care went into this game to make sure that it's running at an top-notch frame-rate all of the time and looking absolutely gorgeous too, even on the main menu. If you take a look at that one 3-4 year old trailer of an very early build on this YouTube channel, it looks so very different. Comparing the two builds, you can clearly see that all of these awesome high-end graphics effects like Bloom, Ambient Occlusion and Lens Flare were added over time. It's an very well polished and hugely enjoyable title that's totally worth the small cost it's currently going for on the App Store. I'm looking forward to more titles being developed with the new and incredibly advanced Picon engine. It shows us all just how powerful the latest iOS devices like the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 really are. Congrats on the final release! :3

American AppStore Reviews
Wow By thetrackt – Jul 3, 2015
Incredible game. Best platformer I’ve played on iOS to date. Wow.
Simply said: an iOS Classic! by sbelli69 – Jul 5, 2015
It’s sad to see some of the reviews of this game from those with compatibility issues because the game itself is a masterpiece. Perfect touch controls, amazing level designs with lots to explore and secrets to find. The game continues to surprise and delight with the feel of a Nintendo console game. This game deserves every ounce of success it receives, following five long years of hard work by its devs.
Amazing, outstanding, unbelievable!! by extreme472000 – Jul 2, 2015
Finally the 5 year wait is over for Heroki and I can tell you that is was worth the wait. This game is polished from top to bottom. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is awesome, the characters are likeable and have personally. The also game has cloud save! This is my favorite new game and worth every penny and more! Well done Picomy well done.
Um, PERFECT! by Funky Chunky Munkey – Jul 3, 2015
Well, nothing is perfect, but Heroki comes close enough. You know, some games are polished and beautiful and fun. Then you have titles like Heroki, which is all of those superlatives and many others. Really, this is probably one of the best original games that’s ever been released on the App Store. It’s what Sonic was to the Sega Genesis. Its Klonoa on crack. Buy it!

Reading these peoples reactions makes it all worth it. :) so thank you for all these heart warming comments!

And to think this is only the beginning.

Have fun playing Heroki!

- Picomy Team

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  1. Congratulation!
    Everytime I play a level this game, I'm afraid it'll be over soon. That's why I decided to not playing Heroki in rush... When a review site said the game was frustrating to be played, I found out if the game is really enjoyable, I blame myself when I can't collect each items on the level.

    I won't bother with the mini map that works like a compass, I don't think I need that. Heroki has secret way to discover the collectible item and that's what made the game unique.

    I haven't play too far but this game really met up my first expectation. I remember lost winds game when first time I see Heroki on TA forum, then I'm following the game info here on blog and become annoying with bothering the dev keep asking for the release date.. haha since the last trailer said the game will be released on 2013.

    However, our long wait is already paid off... and thank you for the developer, for all your dedication making an awesome game :)