Heroki is flying to the AppStore soon!

Well, this is it!

We've finally done it - the game will be available in the App Store very soon! (In other words, the game has been submitted!)

Please have a look at the final product in motion:

After 5 long years of hard work, struggles and lots of fun, we can finally say the game is done and we're mighty proud of it! In all these years we've learned a lot of things that came along with game production, such as planning & keeping social media up to date (which, as you may have noticed, wasn't our main focus most of the time. Ha!)

The biggest lesson we learned is that creating a game in our spare time is really tough, but it sure was worth it!

For Heroki we had 1 great goal in mind: To create a game with platform and adventure elements that would work beautifully well on touchscreens - without making the game feel like a toned down version of something you would play on a console. Full featured it is! In Heroki, the player has lots of freedom and lots of abilities and power-ups to discover with very intuitive controls.

Almost all ideas we had in mind for Heroki have made it into the game. We've made very little concessions, so that we could deliver the full quality package as a premium title and we hope that you'll enjoy the experience very soon! :)

Overall, as ambitious as it may sound (it does), we hope that Heroki will be seen as the adventure / platformer game exclusively for iOS and the first title of many to come!

Ps: Don't forget to check out our awesome new responsive vector-ish website www.picomy.com (which is still worked on behind the screen). The Heroki page will be fully unlocked on Launch Day! :D

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