Picomy's Aeroblaster Handheld Revealed!

With great pride we'd like to reveal our biggest secret we've been holding back:

With every upcoming iOS Heroki installment, you'll receive an AEROBLASTER Handheld for FREE! (Heroki pre-installed)

Exclusive preview from the music of Heroki on this handheld >>>HERE<<<

CPU: 8 bit 0501 NMOS (1,9 MHz NTSC-model and PAL 2.0) 
Whopping 32 colors - AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Processor: It's blasting and over 9000
64 Sprites!
RAM: 2 KB, 1KB video-RAM
Max Sprite Dimensions are 8x16 pixels!!
Resolution: 254 x 460
Sound: PSG-Blast Audio

Limited quanitities available! Pre-order your Aeroblaster handheld now >>>HERE<<<

The future, it's here!

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