The Final Build

Hi there,

We've really came a long way since we introduced Heroki to the public back in 2011. So much has improved in terms of visuals and gameplay, it's quite ridiculous for us to cover all the changes. 

In this short post, I'd like to focus on the visual department and the advanced changes made with our proprietary engine:

Final build 2015 (zoomed out shot): Advanced bloom, ambient occlusion, shadows (though not noticable in this shot), final texture pass, rim, custom ambient ray-scatter, improved particles and advanced lensflare.

Alpha build 2013: More polish added such as a texture pass, richer colors, lens flare and rim shading.

Pre alpha build 2012: Foundation of the artstyle. No fancy shaders here :]

We're currently working on the gameplay trailer and much more screenshots and footage will follow in a short period! :)

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