Finally a new update..

Almost a year has gone by since our latest blogpost. Wow.. how time flies.

Let's see what have we done other than living totally underground, no social contacts, no hygiene (I kid) and lets not forget dealing with angry girlfriends - just to work on our game Heroki:

1st, we added lots of gameplay and graphical enhancements. 2nd, we polished it. 3rd added some more gameplay and graphical enhancements just to polish it again. This seems like a continuous spiral we can't get enough of + keep in mind this is all own tech we're building on. But fear not, Heroki will be finished soonish!

So far, our hard work has paid off immensly. We can now officially confirm that we're teaming up with no one less than SEGA to publish our game. We are very excited about this partnership and this will bring nothing but good for Heroki. :]

We were also present @ PAX Prime at the SEGA booth. We've received tons of great feedback and overall, a lot of people were genuinely impressed by the quality of Heroki.

In a few hours from now, 4 new screenshots will be posted on the SEGA blog so be sure to check them out. Meanwhile, we've put up a new screenshot to compare the latest build with the older one:

Old Alpha build of Heroki

Current build of Heroki. Notice the new shaders and an overall texture pass.

We'll go more indepth of our PICON Engine very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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