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So yeah, it was kinda quiet lately regarding updates on our website.
All this ‘silent’ time was invested in the development of the game and we’ve made some huge progress these months. 

Here’s a list of what we have done;
·         UI/GUI system is finished and designed 
·         HUD finished and interactive
·         Save system ready (also iCloud support)
·         All 40 levels are designed and made in 3D
·         Collectable system
·         Control system optimized
·         iPad 2+3 support. Heroki is now universal and runs 60! Frames per second on both iPad’s. It’s crazy and it’s a dream to play Heroki on the iPad :)

With this list being finished, it seems that we’re nearing our end goal but there’s still lots of work that needs to be done. Heroki is now 75~80% completed. Currently, our focus lies entirely on gameplay. That’s something that has to feel perfect. After that, it’s polishing polishing… and polish.

Indigo Conference:
Last Friday and Saturday we had our own stand at the Indigo Conference in the Netherlands. We had a playable build of Heroki ready and for the first time, people could actually play the game on the iPad and iPhone.

The response was absolutely amazing! People really loved the visuals/art style and they found the controls really intuitive and easy to learn! Even small children could pick up the controls right away so that’s always a good indication :) 

Here are some snapshots of Heroki on the cabinet screen:

We’ve received a lot of questions when Heroki will hit the Appstore. The true answer is.. we don’t know yet. One thing we do know is that there’s a small chance the game will come out this year. We‘re truly hoping for a 2012 release but (early/mid) 2013 seems more realistic. 

All this extra time is needed to deliver the game exactly how we imagined it. The bar is set extremely high so people can expect one of the best platform experience for iOS. :)

Very soon, we’ll talk a bit more about our pICON engine + we'll show some new gameplay footage from the iPad 3 as well!

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