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Hi Folks,

Today we're going to release some more information and screenshots about our game Heroki. Since the release of our Teaser Trailer, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and some very nice articles has been written about Heroki in the press! Thanks so much everyone for the kind words!

A lot of people were intrigued by the Teaser Trailer but didn't know exactly what to expect from the game. Today we want to clear that mystery a little bit starting with 4 in-game screenshots:

Heroki flies up in the air in front of his house in his sky village ‘Levantia’.

In Levantia, Heroki can interact and talk to all of the villagers.
In this shot you can see Heroki flying over a little boy.
Notice their expression as they are looking to each other.

As the adventure begins, Heroki faces many different foes.
In this screenshot he’s in the first world attacking a big hungry croc!

In this screenshot of world 2, Heroki wants the treasure chest, 
but he is in danger of being attacked by the surrounding enemies. 

Officialy, Heroki is a platformer that is a story based action - adventure game but different from regular run and jump type of platformers, many people are already familiar with. The core of the game lies on the flying aspect, giving the player much more freedom then regular platformers. Sure, Heroki can also walk/run but he’s at his finest in the air where he can perform lots of different abilities providing a unique experience that is ideal for a touchscreen.

This is where our own unique Flow Motion Control scheme shines. The player can control heroki and perform his abilities very easily without the use of virtual buttons keeping the GUI very minimal (not visible yet). We will be more specific about the control scheme in a later update!

Calling Heroki a platformer alone doesn’t back up all of its features. For example; Heroki can return to his sky village “Levantia” at any point in the game to interact with the many citizens of Levantia and play many sidequests such as a treasure-hunt or use one of the many shops trading your collected coins for upgrades and bonuses.

Heroki is going to be a big game with 5 large worlds to explore plus that of your own village. Each world has their own challenges, secrets and lots of different enemies. With each world, Heroki learns new abilities creating a huge diversity in gameplay and keeping the game interesting trough the end.

By mastering all these new abilities Heroki prepares himself using his strength to fight the ultimate end boss and retrieving the magic element that will save his village.

This game has so much more to show to the world but we’re saving that for the next updates!

Stay in touch as new updates will follow.

Thanks for reading! 

Picomy team

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